Control of Time-delayed Uncertain Symmetrically Coupled Systems

L. Bakule (Czech Republic)


Reduced order control, uncertainties, delays


Complexity reduced design of decentralized controllers is presented for a class of nonlinear symmetric composite un certain systems with timedelays. Nominally linear sys tems composed of identical subsystems and symmetric in terconnections are considered for systems with timedelays and bounded parametric uncertainties both in subsystems and interconnections. First, an artificial reduced-order de sign model is constructed. Its dimension equals to the di mension of a subsystem in the original system. Then, sta bilizing controllerobserver is designed using linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) for the design model. Luenbergerlike observer with time delay is considered. It is proved that when this output controller is implemented into each sub system of the original system then such decentralized out put controller asymptotically stabilizes the overall system.

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