Genetic Algorithm for Distribution Network Planning in Presence of Distributed Generation

V. Calderaro, V. Galdi, and A. Piccolo (Italy)


Genetic Algorithm, Distribution Network, Distributed Generation.


Distributed Generation (DG) will play an increasing role in the electric power systems of the near future. The growth in penetration of new plants based on renewable energy, cogeneration, fuel cells, small and micro sized turbine packages will cause an heavy impact on the distribution network in terms of reliability, protection, power quality and voltage conditions at customers and utility equipment. It is necessary, therefore, to take into account in distribution network planning the impact of DG. Different topologies, like meshed or slightly meshed ones, must be weighted to assure an improvement in power quality in the near future. This is particularly true in areas where existing supply system covers all the inhabited areas, like in industrial countries, and where individual investment to reinforce the existing supply system are necessary. In the paper a planning paradigm for distribution network upgrade based on Genetic Algorithm is proposed. The paradigm is able to find the optimal power network upgrade in terms of voltage profile and investment costs considering different scenarios of DG penetration and load demand.

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