Application Categories for QoS Management of Distributed Applications

H. Keep and M. Bauer (Canada)


Distributed computing, policybased management, quality of service.


Quality of Service (QoS) management in today's distributed computing environments requires that application level resource requirements be considered from the user's perspective since user satisfaction is the ultimate goal of QoS management. The variety of applications and diversity of user requirements creates challenges for management systems to attempt to satisfy user requirements. In this paper, a policy-driven architecture for user-defined differentiated services is proposed and an overview of the implementation given. The key contribution of this paper is the use of application categories, each characterizing different sets of applications with similar QoS requirements, to determine groups of policies for use by the management system. This approach can reduce the number of policies that much be defined and provide flexibility in meeting individual user QoS requirements. Experience with the prototype is also reported.

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