REALMS - RFID Enabled Animated Space

Niranjan and A. Ganz (USA)


Context Aware, Information Space, RFID, and Multimedia


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is expected to become an important and ubiquitous infrastructure technology. As RFID tags are affixed to everyday items, they may be used to support various useful services. Based on the science and engineering of RFID technology, we designed "Animated Space" in which real-world objects can communicate with users in order to convey their purpose, function, and history. RFID allows contact-less identification of objects using RF and thus offers a means to create "Animated Space" for users through their mobile devices. In this paper, we specify the technical requirements of such an animated space and present architecture for adaptation of multimedia data to different wireless network conditions and device capabilities, under constraints imposed by user preferences and multimedia content, to ensure effective delivery of multimedia data to mobile users. We also do a pilot implementation of this concept using RFID technology centered on information evolution in a wireless networks.

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