An Architecture to Securely Enrich and Distribute MP3 Over the Internet

L. Egidi and M. Furini (Italy)


Multimedia Communications, Multimedia Applications, Music Distribution, MP3, Watermarking


On-line music distributors are hesitant to release music in MP3 format, as this standard is an open-format and piracy of copyrighted music may be facilitated. Instead, they pre fer to use proprietary formats and proprietary DRM sys tems. Users do not like this approach, as it limits the e music flexibility without giving any benefit. In this paper we propose an alternative that enables vendors to securely distribute open-formats and users to have benefits from us ing legal media copies. In particular, we propose to se curely enrich and distribute MP3 files with multimedia con tents and to adopt security mechanisms transparent to users to protect vendors' rights. No restriction is set on the MP3 audio play out, but only a legitimate MP3 owner can use both audio and multimedia contents; a non legitimate MP3 owner can still enjoy the audio portion, but no more than that. This way, users are stimulated to avoid music piracy.

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