Performance Evaluation of Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc WLANs

F. Eshghi, A.K. Elhakeem, and Y.R. Shayan (Canada)


Ad-hoc networks, IEEE 802.11, performance evaluation,wireless local area network (WLAN), multi-hop.


Ongoing technological advances in portable devices, cou pled with the need for continuous connectivity while mo bile, have made ad-hoc networks a compelling research and development topic. Performance evaluation of the IEEE 802.11's ad-hoc mode of operation, as a dominating WLAN protocol, requires a thorough investigation, partic ularly in a multi-hop scenario. Throughout this work, a modular simulation environment comprising traffic gener ator, mobility, wireless channel, and IEEE 802.11 proto col modules was developed to evaluate system performance measures, such as delay and packet failure rate. Simulation results show that the optimal selection of the system pa rameters can lead to considerable improvement in various performance measures which are of special interest to time sensitive applications.

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