QoS Scheduling in Multiuser OFDM System with Adaptive Modulation

J. Yang and Z.-Y. Zhang (PRC)


Resource Management, OFDM, Wireless Communication,Quality of Service.


This paper presents a scheduling scheme for heterogeneous packet transmission in multi-user OFDM wireless system with adaptive modulation. The concept of efficient transmission capacity is introduced to make scheduling decisions based on channel conditions, BER requirements and queue status as well. By performing the scheduling into two steps and using two algorithms named Throughput Loss Minimization Allocation (TLMA) and Logarithmic Priority Allocation (LPA) for each step respectively, system throughput is improved, while delay bound guarantees for realtime traffic and long-term fairness among non-realtime traffic are provided. Performance of the proposed scheduling scheme is evaluated on a frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel. Simulation results are given to demonstrate efficiency of the scheme.

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