Delay Reliability Analysis of a DiffServ Router

R. Suryanarayanan, H. Liu, and L. Xing (USA)


Network Performance, DiffServ Delay, Reliability,DiffServ Router, Next Generation Internet, Quality ofService, Delay mathematical model.


This research paper is focussed on evaluating the performance of the DiffServ router. With DiffServ, it is the concern of many Internet Service Providers (ISP)/customers to quantify the reliability of the service that they are providing/receiving. Such a study is very involved considering the complexity of the Internet. As a contribution to this analysis, this study is a probabilistic nodal analysis of a DiffServ router and the delay (QoS parameter considered) distribution that occurs at that level. The analysis is done by studying the components that form a part of a simple DiffServ router. The intent of this paper is to study the case mathematically and bring out advantages of using one over simulations. It can provide the ISP and the customer with a graphical representation of the system delay performance that reflects the reliability with which a particular subscribed class of traffic can provide the required delay bounds of the customer. Simulation studies give a very small and abstract picture of the system under study. Mathematical analysis of this kind can back up these results with theories and give broader and more specific view, though ideal in nature.

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