The Performance Analysis and Measurement for the Mirror Architecture of Web Servers

Y.-W. Bai and W.-H. Wei (Taiwan)


Load Balance, Mirror Web Servers, and Queuing Theory


To provide better quality of Web service, the mirror architecture of a Web server system can be important. In this paper, we present a performance evaluation method for mirror architecture of Web servers with a load balance mechanism. Our performance evaluation method is based both on the usual queuing model for Web servers and on the corresponding quantitative analysis. By using the formula as present in this paper, we provide a procedure to evaluate the system response time for the mirror architecture of Web servers. In addition, we also use QNAT (Queue Network Analysis Tool) to do the simulation in order to verify our models for mirror Web servers. We also provide the performance measurements of an experimental design of the Web servers. In conclusion, form our analysis, simulation and measurements, we learn that the mirror architecture of Web servers can improve the service performance of Web requests.

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