Performance Enhancement of Coherent Direct Sequence Ultra Wideband Receiver via Iterative Channel Estimation and Detection

N.V. Yen, H.X. Nguyen (Vietnam), L.T. Son, and K.M. Ahmed (Thailand)


Ultra wideband communication, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, Impulse Radio, Iterative Interference Cancella tion


Direct Sequence Ultra Wideband (DS UWB) technology is becoming high potential candidate for new generation of wireless short range communications. This technique uses very short baseband pulses spreading over several GHz bandwidth and offers great flexibility and promising field for future high data rate wireless access. In this paper we propose the application of the iterative channel estimation and coherent detection to the DS UWB system. The pur poses of this application are to provide the resistance to inter-symbol interference and multiple access interference, which severely affect to the DS UWB system performance, and to increase the number of users sharing UWB system. The iterative channel estimation and detection use the in terference cancellation algorithms subtracting the interfer ences to achieve a significant capacity gains with lower BER and reduce transmit power required by FCC. The DS UWB system performance will be evaluated by analysis and simulations. The purpose of this study is to create the framework for designing a robust, ultra high data rate and reliable UWB system.

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