Enabling Mobile Email Access with XML Web Services

E. Sivertsen, J.-F. Moe, I. Jørstad, and V.T. Do (Norway)


Web services, SOAP, email, XMMAP


There is an increasing need for mobile users to access email services anytime and anywhere. So far, the proposed solutions like Web/WAP mail, VPN, etc. are not satisfactory. In this paper we present a solution based on XML Web Service, which is potentially faster as well as more secure and flexible. The paper starts with a summary of the related works and their limitations. Next, the functional requirements captured by the UML (Unified Modeling Language) Use cases and non functional requirements are presented. The overall architecture of the Mobile email access is also described. The components and interfaces of email XML web service are explained thoroughly. Last but not least, the XMMAP protocol and email client residing in the mobile phone is considered.

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