Policing Encrypted Data using Mobile Agents

N.M. Chakravarthy, F.A. Kamangar, and D.C. Kung (USA)


Applications-Cryptography, Software Agents, Communi cation Software.


Some drawbacks of existing cryptographic systems include life span of cipher text, number of attempts at decryption, restrictions on key length, etc. With features like security, fault tolerance, portability, and mobility inherent in Mobile Agents, we revisited the problem of cryptography to design a security protocol which prevents storage and analysis of cipher text, and which is independent of key length and platform while satisfying all the qualities of existing schemes. This resulted in a cryptographic scheme for policing encrypted data using mobile agents (PEDUMA). The data to be sent is encrypted and embedded into a Mobile Agent. The Mobile Agent enforces a set of rules, like number of retries for decryption, time to live for the encrypted data, alerts to be sent, and self destruction. We show the advantages of the proposed protocol through a prototype, built on IBM's Aglet Workbench.

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