A Comparative Analysis of SIM-KM for Group Key Management

R. Mukherjee and J.W. Atwood (Canada)


Group key management, multicast, modeling, simulation.


Today the Internet has emerged as a platform for business, education and research. For these purposes some of the applications require delivering high bandwidth content over the Internet using multicast such as video-on-demand, videoconferencing, distributed simulations, software updates, and multi-party games. For the successful deployment of these services security infrastructures must be developed and deployed for access control. Cryptography uses encryption techniques to render the data useless for participants without valid keys. The biggest challenge in this regard is the generation and dissemination of keying material to all the participants. Scalable Infrastructure for Multicast Key Management (SIM-KM) is a robust, scalable and efficient key management scheme using proxy encryptions. In this paper we present a comparative analysis of SIM-KM with other existing group key management schemes.

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