A Complex-valued Growing and Pruning RBF (CGAP-RBF) Neural Network for Communication Channel Equalization Problems

M.-B. Li, P. Saratchandran, G.-B. Huang, and N. Sundararajan (Singapore)


Complex Growing and Pruning, channel equalization, neural networks


In this paper, a complex-valued growing and prunging radial basis fuction (CGAP-RBF) network is proposed for communication channel equalization problems. The algorithm makes use of the concept of "significance" of a hidden neuron which is defined as the average information content of that neuron. By linking the significance of the "nearest" neuron to the learning accuracy, a growing and pruning compact RBF netwwork is developed. When there is no growing or pruning the network uses a comlex Extended Kalman Filter to adjust the network parameters. Simulation results show the better performance of CGAP-RBF equalizer compared to that of CRBF equalizer of Cha and Kassam and CMRAN equalizer of Deng et.al. for a QAM equalization problem in terms of symbol error rate and complexity.

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