SSNIT: A New Slow Start Algorithm for TCP Protocol

H. Benaboud and N. Mikou (France)


TCP Protocol, Congestion Control Algorithms, CANIT, SSNIT


We propose in this paper a new policy for TCP slow start phase which we refer to "SSNIT": (Slow Start with Nor malized Interval of Time). This algorithm allows TCP sources sharing the same network resource to accelerate their rates similarly during slow start phase. We show, by analytical study, that, using "SSNIT" algorithm, instead of the standard slow start one, improves the TCP perfor mances. Moreover, using the "SSNIT" in conjunction with the algorithm "CANIT": (Congestion Avoidance with Normalized Interval of Time) in the congestion avoidance phase, improves the performances of TCP when the con nections are long.

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