Personal E-Moviemaker Design

J. Shen, S. Miyazaki, T. Aoki, and H. Yasuda (Japan)


Electronic moviemaker, three-dimension animation,content-based retrieval, virtual director, and knowledgebased (KB) approach


In recent years, filmmaking techniques have been extended to a degree possible with live actors shot in real time, but the commercial software tools used to make movie on computer are still not common user access. This paper describes a software system EMM (E-Moviemaker) designed to visualize user's screenplay input words by sound motion picture with effects of real image, 3D animation, or their composition. A virtual director achieves user's intentions by rule-based reasoning through setting a scene, determining the corresponding shot types and shot sequence, and planning virtual camerawork dependent on the cinematic expertise stored in a domain knowledge base. The implementation of the whole system of automated digital motive generation is done by using language C++ and expert system language CLIPS. The resulted movie will be played on TVML render.

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