Towards Large Scale Voice Activated Dynamic and Interactive Internet based Animation and Modeling

A. Guercio, B. Simoes, and A.K. Bansal (USA)


Dynamic XML, Internet computing, modeling languages,software engineering, voice interaction, web movies


Multimedia communication over the Internet has gained popularity in recent years. An efficient means of communication is vital for multimedia movies to reach consumers who can use voice commands to interactively modify XML based animations and movies depending on their subjective need. However, the initial modeling of an XML based multimedia movie is low level, time consuming, and not suitable for large scale multimedia animation and modeling. In this paper, we integrate the concept of dynamically modifiable XML scripts and the TANDEM language -- a high level XML based Internet multimedia modeling language to transmit asynchronous, nondeterministic, and deterministic events to model and communicate web based multimedia streams over the Internet -- to model dynamically modifiable Internet based interactive multimedia animated movies. The integration has been illustrated using a realistic example.

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