Logical Tools for Program Integration and Interoperability

M. Burgin (USA)


software integration, program interoperability, logic,logical variety, interaction


Integration is one of the most important operations in the development of complex systems in general and modern software, in particular. With the advent of local and especially, global networks, as well as distributed databases, program interoperability also becomes an essential problem. Empirical methods rarely work for very complex systems. Thus, diverse processes of program integration and interoperability demand formalization and study for constructing reliable, stable, and efficient software. The aim of this paper is to extend existing and develop new potent logical tools for program integration and interoperability. To achieve this goal, logical varieties and prevarieties are used. They represent the next level of the development of logical calculi, allowing one to work with inconsistent knowledge and to build models of systems with inherent inconsistencies. This essentially extends applicability of logical methods in computer science and software technology.

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