Automating VBI-Data Generation and Validation

M.R. Narasimhamurthy, R. Nadaf, and A. Bhowmick (India)


VBI data, Generation, Validation, VBI-data standards,Video pattern generator, Automated test strategy


The VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) data is of much significance in regions like Europe, U.S.A., where TV broadcasters offer various data information services (e.g. Teletext, Closed Captioning etc.). New multimedia processors handle the majority of the processing of this data. Although automated testing of VBI data handling is desirable, standard broadcast VBI test generators such as TV Data Line Recorder REC 5273 (Hardware) and RECP 5273 (Software), FLUKE 54200 TV Signal Generator etc., are unsuitable for automatic control. The factor of cost also has to be considered. We present in this experience report, our approach to pro vide an automated solution for generation and validation of different VBI data. The scheme is developed addressing the testing of the Philips NexperiaTM platform. The scheme is a PC based implementation in which Tcl/Tk scripts are used for presenting the user interface and to control the component. The approach helps to reduce the manual test effort required for VBI data validation and especially in a regression test scenario.

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