Decoupled Common Annotations for Reusing XML Document Composition Logic

S.-K. Chen, K.-L. Wu, and J.-S. Yih (USA)


XML, reusibility, software artifact reuse, E-Commerce,business interoperability.


XML is emerging as a popular data format for business pro cess integration. To achieve interoperability, XML docu ments must also conform to predefined Data Type Defini tions (DTDs). However, most business data are not main tained as XML documents, and are stored in various na tive formats. Hence, a middleware is needed to dynami cally extract XML documents from various data sources. XML Access Server (XAS) is a middleware that gives the appearance of a system maintaining a large set of DTD conforming XML documents while retaining data in the underlying heterogeneous formats. However, industrial standard DTDs can be large, comprehensive, and yet sim ilar. The lack of reuse and sharing of existing Document Composition Logic (DCL) can be costly in both develop ment time and storage. In this paper, we present a de coupled common annotation method for reusing the DCLs. As individual DTDs under the same standard tend to share common elements, the reuse and sharing of DCLs not only save storage but also facilitate rapid creation of new map ping logic.

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