PLUS: A Release Management Process for Progressive Software Development Model

J.-C. Liou (USA)


Software process, process modeling, rapid development.


The software development paradigms have been evolved into a rapid model due to the recent change into the new era of electronic business environments. To keep up with the pace of this new business environments, we must re visit the way we develop and release the software that are utilized to support business operations. Conventional development models are having difficulties to comply with the scenario of constantly changing requirements. One remedy is to use a progressive development paradigm that gradually releases the software according to the current business needs. However, conventional process for release management is not able to provide efficient way for the progressive development paradigm. In this paper, we present a software release management process, called PLUS, for progressive software development. The PLUS model has been utilized in largescale software projects, and is proven to be an efficient and effective process for progressive development paradigm.

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