An Early Detection of Semantic Conflicts Between Aspects: A Model Analysis based Technique

F. Tessier, M. Badri, and L. Badri (Canada)


Aspects, Interactions, Modeling, Formal Description, Conflicts, Detection


Aspect-Oriented Programming is a new promising software engineering paradigm. Aspects encapsulate behaviours that affect multiple classes into reuseable modules. The new mechanisms introduced by the aspect paradigm allow weaving aspects with different join points in a program. Unfortunately, this flexibility can generate many unsuspected conflicts. These conflicts are difficult to detect dynamically and may have an important impact on software quality. Moreover, the existing aspect-oriented tools present a serious weakness in detecting these conflicts. The control of the conflicts between aspects represent an important issue of the aspect paradigm. Their detection and resolution, early in the development process, offer many advantages. In this paper, we present a new technique supporting a formal and model analysis based detection of conflicts among aspects. The adopted approach is also applicable to the implementation phase.

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