An Interface Mark-Up Language for Web3D

J.D. Roberts, I. Yoon, S. Yoon, and E.H. Lank (USA)


Mark-up language, XML, User Interface mark-up language


Due to the lack of standards for 3D graphics on the WWW and for embedded systems, developers suffer as they are required to choose between different technologies or to support multiple technologies depending on the goals of an application. These decisions affect the final product by introducing restrictions based on the technology, or requiring additional overhead in order to support multiple technologies. Even though 3D graphics data itself can be relatively easily described in XML format, this still requires overhead for the developer to build a new graphical user interface (GUI) for each technology. In this paper we describe the design of a GUI mark-up language for use in generating and porting GUIs in multiple environments for the web or embedded systems. We describe the current contents of the mark-up language, called GUIML, along with the translation tools we have developed to create and render GUIML into the final technology.

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