InterDOC: Interoperable Services in Collaborative Writing Environments

R.S. Pitangueira Maciel, C.A. GuimarĂ£es Ferraz, and N. Souto Rosa (Brazil)


Model Driven Architecture, Cooperative Support Work, Collaborative Writing, Interoperable Services.


. Groups that work on CSCW, CSCL or cooperative editors frequently construct and provide documents. Although these environments manipulate the same kind of artifact a document , they are not normally interoperable due to the implementation of different policies, protocols or software architectures. Therefore, it is not possible for users to use different collaborative systems to work on a single shared document. Towards such an interoperation, we propose the InterDOC Environment. Using InterDOC, group of authors can write a document in their favorite environment and can then make this document available via InterDOC to another group of authors using another environment, or even a single user application. We use OMG MDA to describe InterDOCs concepts and to show that it is platform-independent.

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