A Model for Object-based Distributed Processing using Behaviour Trees

E. Sithirasenan and V. Muthukumarasamy (Australia)


Distributed Computing, Genetic Software Engineering, Object Oriented Processing, Behaviour Trees, Middleware, Object Distribution


Corporate Networks have several CPUs interconnected with high-speed communication networks. These CPUs are mostly engaged in less power-hungry processing tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet processing, database processing and the like. Making use of such idling processing power for more power-hungry applications would be a cost-effective solution to acquiring high speed processing facilities. The communication timings between nodes in a gigabit Ethernet or similar high-speed networks are almost equivalent to the system bus timings of modern desktop workstations. Therefore, making use of these two distinct advantages for distributed processing enables organizations to fully utilize their existing heterogeneous computing resources to meet their heavy-duty computing needs without acquiring expensive supercomputers and servers. This paper demonstrates a workable model for such a system using the Genetic Software Engineering (GSE) methodology.

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