Design and Implementation of a Simulator for Evaluating Dial-a-Ride Systems

K. Iwata, N. Ito, I. Noda, and N. Ishii (Japan)


Dial-a-ride systems, Multi-agent Systems, Multi-agentSimulations


Dial-a-ride systems attract great attention as a new style of transportation system for urban areas. While it is re ported that such systems improve the usability of bus sys tems when applied in a small town or area, it is not obvious how and under what conditions the systems are reasonable in comparison to traditional fixed-route bus systems. In this paper, we focus on which conditions and dial-a-ride sys tems(algorithms) are more efficient in urban areas, and for social systems as a whole. For that purpose, we propose a criteria of efficiency and show the design and implementa tion of a simulator to compare various dial-a-ride systems.

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