XML-based Programming Language Modeling: An Approach to Software Engineering

C. Reichel and R. Oberhauser (Germany)


Software Engineering, Automation, Modeling,Programming Languages, Domain-Specific Languages,XML


Today's software faces escalating technical and business difficulties, yet it continues to be coded in static, inflexible structures that are not prepared for automation and agility. xApproach is an XML-based approach to software engineering that leverages XML-based language representations and pipeline transformations to provide a consistent and flexible solution for number of issues, including complexity, comprehension, and automation aspects. A core framework (FXLF) in combination with the editor (FXLE) supports role-based activities while removing the burden of programming in XML. Usage scenarios evaluated include customization, separation of concerns, domain-oriented languages, and technology mapping, with results showing a range of benefits, applicability, and prospects.

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