Shape Recognition of the Human Body using the Model of a 3D Human Body

J. Shin and S. Ozawa (Japan)


Human body, 3D modeling, 3D scan data, Automaticrecognition method


The purpose of this research is to recognize 3D shape features of a human body automatically using a 3D laser scanning machine. In order to recognize the 3D shape features, we selected the 23 feature points of a body and modeled its 3D features. The 23 feature points are consists of the motion axis of a joint, the main point for the bone structure of a human body. For extracting feature points of object model, we made 2.5D templates neighbor for each feature points were extracted according to the feature points of the standard model of human body. And the feature points were extracted by the template matching. The extracted feature points can be applied as body measurement, the 3D virtual fitting system for apparel etc.

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