Process State Inference for Support of Knowledge Intensive Work

J. Noll and J. Shah (USA)


Software Engineering Applications, Cooperative WorkSupport, Workflow Modeling


Different actors may do the same work in different ways, depending on their preferences and level of expertise. The nature and amount of process support required also varies with the knowledge level of the actors: novice actors may require guidance at each and every stage of the process, while experts like to have a free hand and need guidance only when in doubt. We describe a descriptive enactment approach, whereby guidance is provided only when asked, rather than actively prescribing a list of actions at every stage of the process. The enactment mechanism also infers the state of the process by examining the state of products created or modified during the execution of the process; therefore, the actor does not have to notify the system of every action he does while performing the process, but the system can still keep track of process progress so that appropriate guidance can be provided when needed.

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