A Discrete Software Cost Model with Periodic Rejuvenation for a Telecommunication Billing Application

K. Iwamoto, T. Dohi, and N. Kaio (Japan)


Software Rejuvenation, Software Aging, Periodic Preventive Maintenance, Expected Cost, Discrete-Time Model


Software rejuvenation is a preventive and proactive solu tion that is particularly useful for counteracting the phe nomenon of software aging. In this article, we consider a similar software cost model with periodic rejuvenation to Garg et al. (1995) in discrete time. We describe the stochastic behavior of a telecommunication billing applica tion by using a discrete-time renewal reward process, and derive the optimal periodic software rejuvenation schedule minimizing the expected cost per unit time in the steady state. Similar to the earlier work by the same authors, we develop a statistically non-parametric algorithm to estimate the optimal software rejuvenation schedule, based on the discrete total time on test concept. Numerical examples are devoted to illustrate the estimation of the optimal software rejuvenation schedule. Also, we refer to the asymptotic be havior of the estimator proposed in this article.

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