ARIES: Refactoring Support Environment based on Code Clone Analysis

Y. Higo, T. Kamiya, S. Kusumoto, and K. Inoue (Japan)


Code Clone, Refactoring, Metrics, Object-Oriented, Tool,Software Maintenance


Code clone has been regarded as one of factors that make software maintenance more difficult. A code clone is a code fragment in a source code that is identical or simi lar to another. For example, if we modify a code fragment which has code clones, it is necessary to consider whether we have to modify each of its code clones. Hence, removal of code clones makes maintainability and comprehensibil ity of source code more improved. We have proposed a method that detects refactoring-oriented code clone. In this paper, in order to improve the usefulness and applicability of the method in the actual software maintenance, we have extended our refactoring support method. Concretely, we have developed a characterization of code clones by some metrics, which suggest how to remove them. Then, we have developed refactoring support tool Aries. We expect Aries can support software maintenance more effectively.

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