Distributed Components for Retrieval of Driver’s License Data using a Handheld Computer

K. Krstovski, A.L. Kun, and W.T. Miller, III (USA)


: Modular system software, distributed components, handheld computer


The Project54 system allows the integration of electronic devices in police cruisers. Both the software and the hardware system architecture are modular. The software is composed of components running on an embedded computer and distributed components deployed on a handheld computer. The hardware architecture utilizes an in-car serial bus to connect various in-car electronic devices and a wireless connection to allow interaction between the handheld computer and the in-car computer. This general framework was used to integrate a two dimensional barcode scanner into the system. The barcode scanner is physically connected to the handheld computer. Once integrated into the system the barcode scanner is used synergistically with the in-car digital radio to allow officers to efficiently and safely perform records queries.

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