Instance Orientation: A Programming Methodology

T. Schöbel-Theuer (Germany)


Software design and development, programming method ology, programming discipline, software architecture.


Instance orientation is an approach for designing and pro gramming software systems. It addresses a limitation of current software architectures: it allows multiple higher level views in parallel on a running software system by non-destructive (virtual) transformations between them. Different views on the system and its references allevi ate modularity, stability, protection, and flexibility. Exam ples for multiple views are network transparent views, fault tolerant views, security-enforced views, and more. Self control (e.g. organic computing) can be achieved by spe cialized configurations. Instance orientation may be com bined with other programming methodologies, in particular OO, to compensate for some of their deficiencies. We ex plain how to simulate the central idea of Aspect Oriented Programming by instance-oriented transformers.

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