A Simple Platform-Independent Web Application Development Process

P. Bustos and J. Navon (Chile)


Web Applications, Software Patterns, Software Process, Software Architecture.


Web applications are usually built by starting from incomplete design documents and proceeding directly to implementation for some specific software platform. The resulting application is usually difficult to change or extend. Although several methodologies have been proposed in the last few years, most of them use a concrete approach that leverages the features of a specific software platform or concrete Web elements. Model driven development proposals, on the other hand, are very often found to be difficult to adopt because they seem to have little connection with the world the potential user is working with. This paper discusses a successful intermediate approach that allows the designer to work with abstract artifacts that can be readily mapped into any MVC-based (application) framework, independently of which software platform is used. This methodology, which is based on UML diagrams, is simple and easy to learn, even by those who are not platform experts.

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