Using the NaSr Architectural Style to Solve the Broken Hyperlink Problem

R. Bashroush, I. Spence, P. Kilpatrick, and T.J. Brown (UK)


Hyperlinks, Software Architecture, Architectural Styles


According to a Web usability study [1] by the Georgia Institute of Technology, net users rate broken hyperlinks as the second-biggest problem online, right behind slow loading pages. The problem of broken hyperlinks (or dead links) is a common problem within enterprise websites comprising hundreds or thousands of interconnected web pages that are continuously modified and updated [2]. Broken links can occur due to many reasons such as file rename, delete or path modification, which are likely events within enterprises. Many commercial tools were developed to deal with this problem [3][4]. In this paper, we present a novel architecture for linking web pages following the NaSr style [5] that provides a potential solution for the broken hyperlink problem.

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