A Model of Program Execution for Security Purposes

Z. Liu (PRC)


program execution event specification, program executionmodel, system call footprint, software assurance


Assurance of software quality and security of computer systems have become dominant concerns in our networking age, to which models of program execution are important. A good model of program execution would allow program exe cution to be reliably and efficiently identified and verified online. On one hand, online program execution identifica tion and verification help increase assurance of trustworthy software with respect to specific concerns in software quality and vulnerability. On the other hand, they are also helpful in detecting risks in untrustworthy software. We in this paper present a formal specification of program execution events for security purposes, and a model of program execution based upon the specification. This paper discusses the pro gram execution model, specifically its background, the for mal specification of program execution events with an underlying concept of program system call footprints, a for mal description of the program execution model, two appli cations of the model in program execution identification and verification, and our experimental results of the model.

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