Design and Implementation of a Data Repository for a CASE Tool

A.B. Castillo, R.P. Valderrama, and L.B. Ocaña (Mexico)


Data repositories: design and implementation, databases services, data access objects (DAO), CASE tools


In this paper, the design and implementation of a CASE (Computer Aid Software Engineering) tool data repository is described. The repository is the means in which the CASE tool components storing and sharing information; this is composed of two relational databases and a set of services which allow to the tools to make use of this one. The databases were created in Microsoft Access and the services in Visual C++ using DAO (Data Access Objects). A set of classes (envelopes) that encapsulate the main functionality of the MFC-DAO objects were designed and implemented. These envelopes can be reused to develop others Visual C++/ DAO-based databases applications. As an example, the use and integration of the data repository in a CASE tool called EasyVRML is described.

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