Applying Database Technology in the Integration of Engineering Software Modules

E.E. Udoh and D. Erbach (USA)


Database, Engineering Software Integration, JDBC, Pre and Post-Processor System


Engineering projects often entail step by step operations of tasks, such that results from one stage are piped into the next one. Presently, disparate software modules are built to perform these tasks with little or no reusability of modules and associated data. In the cases with little reusability, reformatting or tedious file format conversion is always performed. As an alternative method to integrate engineering software modules with modest programming, a simple demo web-based application has been implemented using database technology as conduit to fuse the concepts of portability, accessibility, and reusability. In a system of pre-and post-processors, the engineering software modules are considered as objects intercepting data in the database using JDBC. The analysis and design of this demo web-based engineering system will help to provide an application that is both highly integrated and reusable.

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