Data Mining via Cellular Neural Networks in the GSM Sector

A. Karahoca (Turkey)


Data Mining, Neural Networks, Cellular Neural Networks, Very Large Databases


New age telecommunication sector (GSM) has been based on new customer acquisition plans and tactics. For this purpose, evaluation of the call traffic data from the data warehouses and making some predictions by data mining algorithms are so important. Data mining is a process for filtering massive amounts of data to find useful information to optimize decision making in the firms. Data mining methods use the Neural Networks as a tool for mining data from the data warehouses. In our case, we use Cellular Neural Networks to predict future usage of the GSM lines and data services and try to estimate some promotions to gain market opportunity in the Turkish market for the ARIA GSM Company. This work focus on for defining patterns and implementing Cellular Neural Networks to gain knowledge acquisition from the data warehouses and determining the customer profiles and behaviors.

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