Development of Regional Centre for Medical Multimedia Data Processing

O. Dostal, M. Javornik, K. Slavicek, M. Petrenko, and P. Andres (Czech Republic)


Research PACS (PACS of anonymized medical image stud ies appropriate for teaching and research purposes) Case Study (hypertext document describing given medical case and referencing relevant medica


The purpose of this paper is to describe the current state and development activities of the medical technology project of Shared Metropolitan Picture Archiving and Communi cation System (PACS) operated by Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. From the start, the system was de signed to serve as a reliable and accessible service available to any hospital or other healthcare institution interested in participating. There are three main areas of the project. The first is the collection, in electronic format, of image studies produced by various medical modalities (i.e. x-ray, ultra sound, mammography, etc.). The second is the develop ment of a fast and accessible long-term electronic storage system, and the third to facilitate communication between radiologists (for example, to obtain a second opinion or im age diagnosis by specialists from a distant hospital, etc.). The medical image studies from this electronic storage sys tem can now be accessed as anonymous studies and used for educational and research purposes. The Shared Metropolitan PACS project started as a collaborative effort among Brno hospitals to process medical multimedia data. Masaryk University is the co ordinator of this project ensuring that the demands and re quirements of radiology departments are met, overseeing the changing legislative standards and the practical lim itations of technology. Masaryk University, in coopera tion with CESNET Association, also provides the neces sary network infrastructure.

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