The Proposal of the Home Device Management Mechanism on the Heterogeneous Residential Gateway Platform

H.-S. Hong and H.-J. Park (Korea)


Home Network, Remote management, Residential Gateway, SOAP


In the near future general household appliances, such TV, stove, and even lights, will be supplemented with a network interface connecting them to the Internet. Homes are being equipped with such networked appliances to allow a more convenient way of living. A residential gateway is a device that interconnects various home devices to one another as well as to the Internet. So its middleware is very important factor to the management of the home devices. It may be produced by a multitude of vendor. That's middleware may be different to each other. If its middleware is differ to another then the remote management service of the home devices is difficult for the provider of the home network service. In this article, we present a mechanism of a remote management of the home devices that isn't depend on the residential gateway's middleware. The proposed mechanism uses the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)[1]

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