Enhancing Throughput of Threaded Servers on Off-the-Shelf Linux Platforms

T. Kondoh and S. Kusakabe (Japan)


Operating systems, Process-level scheduling, Multi-thread, Server application


Recent demands of Internet service increase the number of concurrent activities to be supported by server appli cations. Thus efficient support for a number of threads in operating systems is one of the critical issues in Inter net computing. Recent versions of Linux operating system employ scheduler to realize efficient thread schedul ing. However, scheduler does not take account of the affinity of threads which share the same address space. Based on scheduler, we develop a scheduler to en hance throughput of multi-threaded server applications on off-the-shelf Linux platforms. Our scheduler aggregates threads which share the same memory address space, and can exploit locality of reference, reduce context switch overhead, and support high degree of concurrency. Our performance evaluation shows that our scheduler can im prove the throughput and scalability of Internet server ap plications such as chatroom server and web server.

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