OLSIM: Up-To-Date Traffic Information on the Web

A. Pottmeier, R. Chrobok, S. Hafstein, F. Mazur, and M. Schreckenberg (Germany)


Information Systems, Internet Tools, Information Infras tructures, Mobile Information Systems.


The Internet is a convenient platform to distribute real time traffic information. Thus, we propose a web-based visu alization of the current and future traffic load of the en tire autobahn network of North Rhine-Westphalia, Ger many, that focuses on the value to the end user. The us age statistic shows that there is a need for such an infor mation system. This complex traffic information system, called OLSIM, is composed of an efficient and highly real istic traffic flow model, which is fed by traffic data of 4,000 detecting devices across the road network every minute, and a graphical user interface which can be accessed at www.autobahn.nrw.de.

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