A Scheme to Measure Error Rates in the Presence of Adjacent Channel Interference using Frequency Domain Analysis

B. Vaghani and C. Beard (USA)


Autocorrelation, Power Spectral Density, Probability Distribution function, Threshold.


This paper presents a scheme to measure the error rate of the communication system in the presence of Adjacent Channel Interference using frequency domain signal pro cessing. Also studied is the performance of M-PSK and M QAM signals received in the presence of Adjacent Channel Interference. The model of the system considers interfer ing signals of the same modulation format placed symmet rically around the main channel, rectangular pulse shaping, randomized phase and amplitude of the transmitted signals and timing misalignment between the channels. Expression for bit error rate corresponding to the approximate proba bility density function of the received signal is obtained. Curves of bit error rate as a function of order of modula tion and distance between the channels are presented.

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