Context-Aware Service System Architectures and Their Performance Evaluations in Terms of Response Time

E. Kamioka and S. Yamada (Japan)


UMTS, mobile network, WLAN, ubiquitous computing, context awareness


This paper proposes two types of network architectures using UMTS Release 5 architecture and wireless LAN suitable for context-aware information delivery services, and it reports on preliminary evaluations of their performance. The first type of network architecture is the NCA (network-centric architecture) and the second is the ECA (end-user-centric architecture). The two architectures are modeled with a queuing network and their response times are compared through theoretical analysis and simulation. The results indicate that with low-performance servers, the response times of the ECA are generally shorter or almost the same as those of the NCA. However with high-performance servers, the response times of the NCA are generally shorter except during high server utilization.

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