A New Channel Assignment Technique for Satellite-Aided Cellular Networks

E. Dimitriadou, K. Ioannou, A. Ioannou, I. Panoutsopoulos, L. Drossos, and S. Kotsopoulos


QoS, Guard channels, Handoff, High, Ultra High andLow Speed Moving Terminals


This paper presents a new channel assignment technique based on a three-layer cellular architecture which optimizes the QoS of Ultra High-Speed (UHSMT) and High-Speed Moving Terminals (HSMT) in a congested urban area. The lower layer of the proposed architecture is based on a microcellular solution, for absorbing the traffic loads of Low Speed Moving Terminals (LSMT). The second layer is based on a macro-cell umbrella solution, for absorbing the traffic load of the HSMT. The higher layer is based on satellite cell and absorbs the traffic load of UHSMT. The results show that assigning the optimum number of channels in every layer, the QoS of UHSMT and HSMT are optimized, having a small bad effect on the QoS of LSMT.

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