RL-RED: A Flow Control Mechanism for 802.11-based Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

X. Deng, S. Yi, G. Kesidis, and C.R. Das (USA)


: RL-RED, Ad-hoc Networks, 802.11, Fairness,Congestion Control, DoS


In this paper, we propose a novel scheme, called RL RED, to improve the fairness and mitigate bandwidth Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks posed by non-responsive flows in a wireless ad-hoc network. The RL-RED scheme exploits the four-way handshake protocol of the 802.11 DCF standard and applies random dropping to both control and data packets at a wireless receiver. Results of simulations, conducted in a wide range of traffic and topology scenarios, indicate that compared with some of the prior work, the proposed scheme improves the fairness with minimal throughput degradation, and provides better protection to legitimate and responsive users in wireless ad hoc networks.

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