Routing in a Wireless Sensor Network

N.F. Mir (USA)


sensor networks, routing in data networks,wireless communication


We aim at developing a sensor network for monitoring large and small sized forests to prevent any fire or vandalism. Preliminary design considerations of a self organizing sensor network are presented in this paper. This network is cluster-based, irregular, and scalable. The network uses the shortest path and node-energy based routing schemes. The network of such sensing system is constructed with identical sensor nodes regardless of the size of the network. Each sensor node consists of processing/storage unit, self-testing/remote element, power unit and wireless transmitter/receiver. This paper aims to design of an intelligent sensor node, which in addition to sensing capabilities have: processing, storage and communications capabilities. Each sensor generates, stores, maintains and/or accesses some subset of the network's data. The data in the network can range from streaming input signals to binary code files. The data management includes a dynamic processing system that is controlling the network while monitoring and changing the environment within which the network resides.

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