Xplorer: A Generic Search and Navigation Application for Semi-structured Data Repositories

R. Steele, W. Gardner, and T.S. Dillon (Australia)


XML, Web application, Xplorer, auto-generated userinterface, search, browse, navigate through semistructured data.


XML, a self-describing and semi-structured data format, is becoming a standard to represent information and exchange data between applications across the Web. XML repositories are also starting to be used either to store data or as an interoperability layer for legacy applications and data sources. The widespread use of XML highlights the need for data access and manipulation tools that fully exploit the meta-data content of XML and are usable by domain end users who may not necessarily have information technology expertise. This paper describes the Xplorer engine which supports search browse-navigate activities on XML repositories via a generically auto-generated, multi-fielded search, display and manipulation interface. The simplicity of this interface supports use with mobile clients.

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