Implementing Trustworthy Internet based Long Term Electronic Preservation Service – The eKeeper Project

A. Jerman Blažič and B. Džonova Jerman (Slovenia)


Internet service, trust, preservation, security, evidence,time-stamping.


This paper presents the basic design consideration and implementation of a trusted internet based Long Term Electronic Preservation Service within a research project. This Long Term Trusted Repository service is called the eKeeper and is a result of multi-disciplinary cooperation between project partners funded by the Slovenian research authorities, EU based PHARE program and commercial organizations. eKeeper solution is focused on the need to ensure easy and reliable electronic archiving services for digital objects, mainly concerned with e-business and e government. The archival service eKeeper is being developed as an open, scalable, modular and extensible internet service. It is based on on-going development of international standards in IETF and ETSI in the field of digital signatures and Trusted Long Term Archiving and Notarization Services of the international community

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